Geoff “Rudy” Williamson

A veteran of many Wenonah summers, “Rudy” was named Summer Camp Director in September 2014. Rudy is a graduate of Western University, where he studied Media, Information and Technoculture with minor in Film Studies. Rudy has held numerous roles at Camp, including Assistant Director, Boys Section Director, POLARIS Director, POLARIS Tripper, Assistant Introductory Period Director, Counsellor, and Junior Program Staff. He has also worked extensively with The Camp Wenonah Centre for Outdoor Education. Rudy completed the International Camp Directors Course and was a delegate at the International Camping Congress in Antalya, Turkey in October 2014. Prior to joining the Wenonah staff team, Rudy was a long time camper and graduate of the POLARIS and WCIT leadership programs. Camp has been a family affair for Rudy over many years, as he has both attended Camp and worked at Camp with his brothers Chris and Cam and his sister Carolyn. Rudy is an avid traveller, having spent several months visiting Asia and Northern Europe.