What Teachers Are Saying

We are pleased to receive so many positive comments from those that participate in the programs available at The Camp Wenonah Centre for Outdoor Education. The following are a sampling of comments received from teachers, principals, and group leaders:

Camp Wenonah Outdoor Education School Muskoka Ontario

In my 28 years of leading school groups, The Camp Wenonah Centre For Outdoor Education ranks as one of the best I have seen. The staff have the hard skills necessary to teach and lead, and the soft skills necessary to calm an upset camper.

Ross MacDonald, Crescent School, Toronto


Wenonah provided us with an all around amazing Camp experience. Every aspect of the Camp, its facilities, its staff, its program, its food service, and its price, meets the standard of excellence. We look forward to a long relationship with The Camp Wenonah Centre For Outdoor Education.

Paul Brunette & Nicole Watt, Eastdale Collegiate Institute, Oshawa


The Camp Wenonah Centre For Outdoor Education is a caring and safe environment for all of our students. The program variety and flexibility appeals to students of all abilities.

Carla Blake, James Cavers, & Joanne Fowler, Tottenham Public School, Tottenham


The Camp Wenonah Centre For Outdoor Education provides an excellent environment to work on personal and social development. With their strong, supportive staff we felt engaged in an enthusiastic, fun, and respectful way. Every class would benefit from this outdoor education facility where the leaders understand deeply the needs of the individual and the group.

Lylli Anthon, Halton Waldorf School, Burlington


Camp Wenonah Outdoor Education School Muskoka

We recommend The Camp Wenonah Centre For Outdoor Education to groups who would like a well-rounded Camp experience. Repeatedly, we come here and the enthusiastic staff provide a variety of activities that challenge our students to go out of their comfort zones. The memories will last forever. Thanks for the fun!

Wismer Public School, Markham


There is no better way to establish a positive rapport with your students. The student – teacher relationship is strengthened through the ability for one to see the other outside the traditional roles.

Andrew Thompson, Killarney Beach Public School, Lefroy


I was extremely impressed by the enthusiastic and professional way your staff handled the program. The students were kept actively involved from the moment they arrived at the camp until they left. The energy level and creative input of all those involved helped create a memorable experience for everyone. Thank you.

Mary Coole, St. Andrew School, Oakville


What can we say about our camping experience? The staff were fun, enthusiastic, good role models, had great leadership skills and provided our students absolute fun each day. The programs were great. There was lots of variety and flexibility and all the feedback from the students was positive.

Sue Rhoads, Centennial School, North Bay


I can’t say enough about the experiece that Wenonah and its staff provides. The students of my class need this; they need the experience of this world or few rarely get to see it. Kayaking, canoeing, climbing – all individual skills are learned, but yet they enjoy a sense of community.

Doug Bowlby, Front of Yonge School, Mallorytown


Our students always have a fabulous time. We are very impressed with the enthusiastic atmosphere here at Wenonah. It is a wonderful experience for all of our students. I am always impressed with the safety and the high level of skill that the staff demonstrates. You are natural teachers!

Sunshine Montessori School, Stratford


The staff was exceptional – a great strength of the Centre. The facilities were great as well. We loved the old dining hall. We will certainly recommend Wenonah to others, and will book ourselves in again.

Tim McFadden, Cornell Village Public School, Markham