Programs & Activities

Groups have the opportunity to select programs that meet that challenge group members and meet the needs of the larger group.

Group leaders are asked to select “Core Programs” (instructional activities) in advance of their visit to Wenonah.

Land Activities
Arch 2Archery
An opportunity to learn the basics on the Wenonah range and then take part in tournaments, games and/or archery challenges. The Wenonah program follows the levels and standards of the Ontario Archery Association.

Climbing (4)A 35 foot high climbing wall is at the centre of the Wenonah climbing program. Participants first learn about the safe use of the equipment and how to properly belay. Once the essentials are thoroughly covered, each participant is then encouraged to work towards their own goals on the wall with the encouragement and support of the group.

Dangle-A-Maze & Vertical Playground
Participants are challenged to set goals and work in co-operation with their classmates as they climb our brand new Dangle-A-Maze. Also available is a solo Vertical Playground, which allows for individual challenges. A full review of safety and support principles is part of this Core Program. Participants also learn about equipment and how to belay.

Environmental Engagement
Enviro EducationThrough encouraging sensory awareness, this interactive hike through the Wenonah woodlands allows participants to interact with their natural environment. Participants are encouraged to develop an appreciation for the natural wonders around them as they participate in a variety of games and activities while travelling along a forest trail.

Camp Wenonah GeocachingGeocaching
Explore the Camp Wenonah site while learning to use GPS devices! Students first receive an orientation outlining how to use Wenonah’s GPS devices before setting out on a challenge to discover geocaches that are hidden around Camp.

Initiatives – Group Development & Team Building
Group Initiatives (2)This program features a variety of interactive group challenges requiring participants to combine their physical and mental efforts to arrive at a solution to a given task. Interdependence is at the heart of these engaging activities which focus on group processing and development. Participants will find themselves challenged in a fun and supportive environment. Popular activities include the Inuit blanket and land skis (pictured right).

Initiatives – Low Ropes Course

Mohawk Walk

Mohawk Walk

A low level series of challenge elements make up the Low Ropes initiatives program at Wenonah. Participants are encouraged to work together towards the completion of each challenge as a group. A thorough debrief of each element completes the program. This is a very popular choice for those wishing to emphasize problem solving and co-operative group skills.

Groups will participate in a selection of elements from the list below:

Tension Traverse
In pairs, participants grasp each other’s shoulders/arms for balance as they progress as far as they can along two diverging low ropes sections.

Kings Fingers
Participants are given the challenge of lifting a tire up and around a tall upright wooden post and back down to the ground without the post and the tire touching each other!

Trust Falls

Trust Falls

Trust Falls
One at a time, participants allow themselves to fall from a raised platform and be caught by their classmates carefully spotting below.

Participants must work together until each member of the group makes their way across four raised, movable wooden beam sections.

Samson’s Tires
One or two at a time, participants attempt to go from start to finish on a swinging tire obstacle course.

Mohawk Walk
Working together, participants attempt to make their way across five different low ropes sections, passing ropes used for balance back and forth to one another until each member of the group has completed the obstacle from start to finish.

T.P Shuffle
Working as a team, participants attempt to balance on a large wooden beam placed on a fulcrum for over three seconds.

Conundrum Crossing
In groups of four, participants make their way down four separate low ropes sections which all converge at one middle point. Participants must work together to successfully manoeuvre around one another and reach their designated end point.

Working together participants must pass each member of the group through a raised tire (porthole) safely to the other side without touching the inside of the tire itself.

Camp Wenonah Mini GolfMini Golf
One of Wenonah’s newest program areas is a huge hit! Enjoy a recreational round OR take part in a challenge match including team scores, alternate shot, match play and our Wenonah Ryder Cup program!


Tennis (Instructional / Recreational)
Camp Wenonah tennisWenonah’s new state of the art tennis courts provide the opportunity for instruction, skill advancement, games and tournament play. Groups can choose either Instructional Tennis or Recreational Tennis.

Creative Activities

CraftsArts & Crafts
Wenonah’s idea filled Arts and Crafts building and staff allow the students to try their hands at traditional camp crafts such as paper making, dream catchers, hemp bracelets, and tie dye.

CWLT (Camp Wenonah Little Theatre)
A visit to The Camp Wenonah Little Theatre provides the opportunity for participants to become creatively energized with theatre sports and drama training.

digital photography at campDigital Photography
Wenonah has recently partnered with the Roberta Bondar Foundation and is pleased to offer a digital photography program focussed on a greater appreciation of the natural world around us. Cameras are supplied for this program.

Evening Programs
Groups are invited to select two Evening Programs for each night they are spending at Camp if there are specific activities they wish to include in their schedule. The Camp Wenonah Centre for Outdoor Education will select Evening Programs if a group does not have any program preferences.

Discover the cosmos! Beginning with an introductory astronomy lesson, participants learn about the planets and stars that are part of our solar system. Using Wenonah’s specialized astronomy equipment, students then move outside and explore the night sky for themselves.

A traditional campfire program led and hosted by Wenonah staff. A mix of interactive songs, stories, skits and surprises! Contributions from students, teachers and chaperones are encouraged and welcomed!

Capture The Flag
A camp classic! This large group game sees students divided into two groups, where they are challenged to find the “flag” hidden by the opposing team.

Cardio Pictionary
A fun and active team-based game, featuring a twist on a childhood favourite!

Late Evening Options
A variety of activities led by Wenonah staff. Students are able to select which activity they wish to participate in. Activities could include: astronomy, evening night hike, indoor games, and numerous other activities.

Night Walks
Explore the natural environment under the night sky while participating in a variety of sensory activities designed to foster an appreciation for the sights and sounds of the outdoors at night.

Pioneer Craft Potpourri
This program presents a unique opportunity for students to participate in a variety of traditional games and crafts that children enjoyed over 100 years ago. Includes candle making, apple chomp, stick games, and more!

Perfect for large groups, this active outdoor game is guaranteed to energize all students through teamwork and co-operation.

CWLTVariety Night (Camp Wenonah Little Theatre)
Offering a great opportunity for students to let their creative juices flow! Features group skits, songs, stories, and stunts.

Wenonah Stock Exchange
This program offers a fun twist on the stock market. Working in teams, students try their luck buying and selling Wenonah stocks. Students learn the keys to “buying low and selling high”.

Water Activities

Tandem CanoeingCanoeing – Tandem Instruction (Beginner / Intermediate)
Wenonah’s canoeing program subscribes to the principles of the provincially and nationally recognized Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA). Groups can choose from either Beginner or Intermediate instruction.

Canoeing – Solo Paddling Instruction
An opportunity for the more experienced paddlers in the group to build on their skills by learning to paddle solo.

Voyageur CanoeCanoeing – Voyageur Canoe
What a terrific combination! A canoe hike around Clear Lake in a 25 foot voyageur canoe coupled with a Canadian history lesson detailing the voyageur experience.

Kayaking – Flatwater
Wenonah offers a flatwater kayaking program that stresses skill development in a safe environment. Participants are also invited to enjoy a series of popular kayak games and challenges, and a kayak hike around Clear Lake.

Other Program Options
Groups may choose additional program elements to offer participants, including:

Many groups take advantage of providing participants with the opportunity to enjoy a tent camping experience. Participants will spend part of a day involved in “trip preparation” and then either hike or paddle out for a tent-based overnight at an established campsite on Saw Lake.

Canoe Trip: Out-Day
Paddle or hike to an established campsite on Saw Lake, enjoy lunch cooked over a fire, and learn the basic skills of outdoor camping. (A condensed 6-hour version of the overnight program)

Mega Options
A wide range of program activities that students may choose from. Mega Options often feature favourite program areas and activities, and are chosen to reflect the interests of the group.

Monster Relay
A large relay-style event incorporating most activities that the participants enjoyed during their visit. A great final activity. Emphasis is placed on group participation.

Survival Game
A large group game where participants take on roles simulating the challenges faced by herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores as they strive to survive in nature.

Wenonah Games
Wen GamesAn Olympic-style full group challenge, Wenonah Games sees all participants placed on one of three teams (Aki, Dawaa or Zibbins). Team members participate in a wide range of events based on skills learned during the group’s visit. Teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship are valued components of the Wenonah Games program. (Available to those groups staying three nights or longer.)

Other great Wenonah program activities include:

    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Robin Hood Archery Challenge
    • Doubles Tennis Tournament
    • The Perfect S’more!
    • Trivial Pursuit
    • World Cup Soccer
    • Kayak Relays
    • Canoe Relays
    • Survivor – Fort Building
    • 3-way Capture The Flag
    • Wenonah Ryder Cup Mini Golf

A Typical Day at Wenonah:

7:30 amWake Up & Morning Dip

7:45 amMorning Activities

8:30 amBreakfast

10:00 amCore Program #1

11:15 amCore Program #2

12:30 pmLunch

2:00 pmCore Program #3

3:15 pmCore Program #4

4:30 pmDaily Options

6:00 pmDinner

7:15 pmFull Group Program

8:45 pmEvening Snack

9:00 pm – Evening Program

10:00 – 10:30 pmLights Out (depending on age)