Our Facility

Aerial view of the Wenonah property, Clear Lake (bottom) and Saw Lake (top)

Wenonah’s main Camp area is comprised of 100 acres of spectacular wilderness, including 24 acres of pristine untouched wilderness across our back lake, set in the heart of the rugged Muskoka woods. The Camp property features 4000 feet of shoreline on two lakes adjacent to Wenonah (Clear Lake and Saw Lake). Beyond the Camp lies thousands of acres of Crown Land, providing students and groups with tremendous opportunities for hiking and canoe tripping experiences.

All facilities at Camp Wenonah meet and exceed the highest standards of the local Health and Fire Departments, and the Ontario Camps Association.

We offer a site and facility maintained in excellent condition and featuring highly-developed program areas. Students are accommodated in clean, well-ventilated cabins with bunk beds and easy access to private showers and flush toilets.


Camp Wenonah cabin

Students are accommodated in clean, well-ventilated cabins with bunk beds. Most cabins have a large picture window overlooking Clear Lake. Cabins are located close to private showers and flush toilets.

All cabins are all equipped with built in heaters for colder nights.

Wenonah has 20 student cabins built along either the male of female cabin lines. Most cabins sleep up to 12 students.

Washrooms & Shower Houses

Washrooms feature private flush toilets and private showers with hot running water.

Wenonah features two modern washroom facilities. The washrooms are located on the male and female cabin lines, and are very close to all student cabins.

Each washroom facility includes flush toilets in private stalls. The sinks in the washrooms run hot and cold water, which has been purified in Wenonah’s water treatment facility. Each washroom building also features private showers (also with hot water).

Main Lodge (Dining Hall)
Camp Wenonah Lodge small

Built in the 1960s, the Lodge is located at the centre of Camp.

A large deck runs the length of the Lodge, overlooking Clear Lake. Often, one will find students playing at the ping pong tables on the deck, or lounging with their friends in a cluster of Muskoka chairs.

The kitchen is attached to the dining area of the Main Lodge. One will often catch the smell of freshly baked pastries wafting from the kitchen in the early morning, or look through the serving window to see the finishing touches being added to a delicious dinner.

Health Centre (Teacher Accommodations)
Teacher accommodation interior view

The Health Centre houses teachers and chaperones. Features include 8 bedrooms, 4 washrooms, 2 reception rooms; medical dispensary; wrap-around deck with a view of Clear Lake;

Camp Wenonah’s fully equipped Health Centre underwent a significant expansion in 2007, and offers first class amenities to teachers and chaperones.

The Health Centre features: 8 bedrooms; 4 washrooms; 2 reception rooms; medical dispensary; wrap-around deck with a view of Clear Lake; and art by campers and other members of the Wenonah community.



Driftwood Creative Arts Centre

Dwood InteriorDriftwood is a multi-room facility that is home to Wenonah’s creative programs. The building includes space for Arts & Crafts, Pottery, a verandah for guitar, a large deck for outdoor programming, the “Tickle Trunk” (costume room), as well as office space. A media arts centre was built in Driftwood in 2012.

Driftwood features high ceilings in the Arts & Crafts area, which help create a spacious feel. The screened-in verandah is a popular spot on hot days to catch a breeze, and is also known for its views of Clear Lake in the distance.

Driftwood is an ideal space for indoor programming on rainy days.

Barb's Place (Leadership Centre)

Barbs interiorBuilt in 2008, Barb’s Place gives Wenonah a modern, indoor space for classroom-based instruction and activities. The building sits next to Driftwood (creative arts centre).

Barb’s Place is named in honour of long time Associate Director Barb Janicek. Barb is passionate about Wenonah’s leadership programs, and has been instrumental in the continuing evolution of each program.

Swim Docks

Swim Docks (1)The swim docks are located on Clear Lake, next to the Main Campfire and close to the centre of Camp. A diving board can be found off one end of the swim docks.

The swim docks also offer a picture perfect view of Clear Lake and Mickle Island.


Sandy Beach

Swim Docks (2)The Beach is located in a semi-private bay on Clear Lake. Each morning, the Polar Bear Dip takes place at the Beach as does General Swim later in the day. Kayaking classes are also held next to the Beach.

From the Beach, students can wade into the fresh lake waters under the watchful eye of Wenonah’s lifeguard team.

The swim area at the Beach is outlined by buoy lines, and students are asked to remain within these boundaries. A lifeguard chair is located on the Beach, from where the Head Lifeguard directs the guards on duty during General Swim or other activities taking place at the Beach.

Even at its deepest spot, the swim area at the Beach is only four feet deep. This makes the Beach a perfect spot for young students and non-swimmers to feel comfortable in the water.

Tennis Courts

Camp Wenonah TennisCourtsTwo tennis courts are located in the Sportsfield. The tennis courts were built in 2006 at regulation size.

Bleacher-style benches line one of the courts, and an umpire chair provides a view from above.


Archery Range

SONY DSCThe Camp Archery Range is located along the Boys’ cabin line, and is just a short walk from the centre of Camp. Paths also lead to the Range from the Upper Deck (playing field) and Driftwood (creative arts centre).

The Archery Range features eight targets. Targets are staggered at various distances to allow both experienced and novice archers to develop their skills.

Mini Golf Course

Wenonah Mini Golf CourseBuilt in 2012, and expanded in 2013, the “Wenonah Pines” mini golf course features 18 holes sure to challenge both amateurs mini golfers and seasoned pros!

Each hole is built to conform to the unique features of Wenonah’s site on the Canadian Shield. Holes are named in honour of long time Wenonah staff members who have contributed significantly to life at Camp.

Climbing Wall & Vertical Playground

Climbing Wall & Vertical PlaygroundThis challenge course area is located in the Sportsfield. Both the climbing wall and vertical playground are approximately 32 feet high.

Two climbers can climb either element at a time. Climbers are encouraged to work together and help the each other reach the top.

The climbing wall has an overhang on one side for an added challenge. The vertical playground features cargo ladders, tires, and pegged wood that climbers use to reach the top.

Gaga Ball Court

Gaga Ball CourtThe Gaga Ball court is home to one of the most popular games at Camp. Gaga Ball is a game similar to dodgeball, but students play as individuals and hit the ball rather than throwing.

The Gaga Ball court features short walls to keep the ball in play.


Camp Wenonah playfieldlargeTwo playfields provide great spaces for wide games and other programs at Wenonah.

The Upper Deck is a large playfield located behind Driftwood. The Upper Deck hosts many soccer, ultimate frisbee, and touch rugby games.. At night, it is also an ideal space to use the Camp astronomy equipment and have an unobstructed view of starlit skies.

The Sportsfield has a smaller playfield that is used for small group games and initiatives.

Main Campfire

Main Campfire overlooking Clear Lake

Many students think about the songs, skits, and stunts that are shared at the various campfire areas, where some of the most memorable moments of a group’s trip are shared.

The Main Campfire, Boys Section Campfire, Girls Section Campfire, and Leadership Campfire all feature permanent seating, and are located in some of the most beautiful scenic areas that Wenonah’s site has to offer.

Outdoor Theatre

TheatreThe “Stockade” is home to Wenonah’s Outdoor Theatre.

A large stage is the main feature of the Stockade. This space is often used by to play theatre games, or to practice for an upcoming group performance.

The Stockade is located next to Driftwood (creative arts centre), and has easy access to Wenonah’s costume and prop storage.

Camp Office & General Store

Office & G Store (2)The Camp Office is located near the entrance to Camp. The Office is the centre of all administrative activity throughout our operating season. The Office receives all incoming phone calls, and also has high speed internet access which can be used by those teachers who need to keep in touch with their school.

The Camp Wenonah General Store is located directly next door to the Office. The General Store offers Wenonah clothing and souvenirs, and sundry items.

Low Ropes & Group Initiatives Course

low ropesThe Group Initiatives Course at Wenonah includes an extensive series of low ropes elements.

Low ropes are ideal for cabin-based or small group team exercises. Participants work their way through the variety of elements. The Group Initiatives Course has proven to be an excellent venue to enchance group cooperation and development.

Access to Maintained Campsites on Saw Lake

Saw Lake campsitesWenonah sits between Clear Lake and Saw Lake. While Clear Lake is the centre of many Camp activities, Saw Lake is perfect for environmental programming, canoe trips, and hikes.

Wenonah has established several maintained campsites on Saw Lake. These sites are used by school groups for overnight canoe trips, and also for wilderness programming. All sites are accessible by canoe, and feature firepits and designated areas to pitch tents. There is no public access to Saw Lake, giving Wenonah exclusive use of the lake and its campsites.

All canoe trips on Saw Lake and Keyhole depart directly from Camp Wenonah. In cases of emergency, all campsites are only a brief boat ride away from Camp.

Other Facilities


Table Tennis

Horseshoe Pits


Reflections Point

Canoeing Docks

Sailing Docks

Beach Volleyball Courts