Our Directors & Staff

The Wenonah Management Team provides year-round, full-time direction to all aspects of the Wenonah experience.

The Wenonah Management Team includes:

Jeff Bradshaw : Founder / Executive Director Camp Wenonah Summer Camp Staff

Jeff Bradshaw
Founder / Executive Director

A veteran camping professional, Jeff has over 30 years experience as a Camp Director. He is a Past President of the Canadian Camping Association, and currently serves the global camping movement as Ambassador Chair on the Steering Committee of the International Camping Fellowship. Jeff received the highest honour in Canadian camping, the Ron Johnstone Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as the most prestigious award from the Ontario Camps Association, the Dorothy Walter Award of Excellence. Jeff has led training and participated in exchanges in Australia, Japan, Russia, Europe, South America and across North America. Jeff is an active leader within the Ontario Camps Association (OCA). He has served on the OCA Board of Directors; coordinated the annual OCA Skills Weekend; served on many OCA Committees and Task Forces; led workshops and seminars, and is a member of the Society of Camp Directors. Jeff’s extensive camping background includes many years as a camper, counsellor in training, junior counsellor, counsellor, section director, leadership director, program specialist, area head and Outdoor Centre Program Coordinator. Prior to becoming the Owner/Director of Camp Wenonah, Jeff held several full-time, year round positions including Director of Camping for the YMCA; the Director of Camp Couchiching (including the Ontario Cystic Fibrosis Camp) and the founding Director of the Couchiching Outdoor Centre.

Rianne Barette : Outdoor Centre Director Camp Wenonah Summer Camp Staff

Rianne Barette
Outdoor Centre Director

Rianne is an experienced and accomplished camp and outdoor education professional. She is a veteran of many years as a staff member at Wenonah, including time spent as Assistant Director, Tripping Director, and Group Coordinator. Rianne previously assumed the role of Associate Director at Camp Summit in Squamish, British Columbia, coordinating all Summer Camp registration and business activity for their office.  While out west, Rianne served as Secretary of the Board for the British Columbia Camps Association and remains an active leader within the industry. Rianne completed a degree in Global Studies, with a minor in Gender Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University and is a past recipient of the Schaefer Scholarship, which acknowledges outstanding contributions to life and learning at Camp Wenonah.

Renata Bradshaw : Program Consultant Camp Wenonah Summer Camp Staff

Renata Bradshaw
Program Consultant

Renata brings over 30 years experience to her role at Wenonah. She is a former teacher with the Halton District School Board, and also a former Instructor of Outdoor Recreation at Mohawk College. She served as an Adjunct Professor with the Faculty of Education at York University. A graduate of Queen’s University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, Renata has offered leadership as a workshop and program facilitator for the Ontario Camps Association, Ontario Day Camp Summit, and International Camping Congress. Renata began her professional camp career at YMCA Wanakita (Haliburton, ON). There she held numerous positions including Counsellor, Arts & Crafts Director, and Day Camp Director. She was also a Program Specialist and Program Coordinator with the Wanakita Outdoor Centre. At Camp Couchiching (Orillia, ON), Renata took on leadership responsibilities as the Director of the CIT (Counsellor in Training) program.

Outdoor Education Centre Staff

Camp Wenonah Outdoor Centre staff

Wenonah staff are experienced instructors and are certified in first aid, CPR, and as lifeguards.

The Camp Wenonah Centre for Outdoor Education staff is comprised of teachers, outdoor educators, university and college graduates and students. Wenonah staff are hired for their ability to provide strong leadership and be positive role models for the students in their care. All staff attend a one week training program at the start of the Outdoor Education Centre season, and also attend specific skill training events on a yearly basis. As well, all staff have current related qualifications in first aid, CPR and swimming standards. Finally, all Outdoor Education Centre staff assume Senior roles during the Summer Camp season demonstrating a deep commitment to the Wenonah experience.

Wenonah staff are responsible for all aspects of the program from sunrise until sundown. This includes leadership, instruction, and general supervision. The normal ratio of Outdoor Education Centre staff to group participants is 1:15. Smaller ratios exist on canoe trips and off Camp activities.

There will be a Wenonah Outdoor Education Centre Group Coordinator assigned to your group. This person is the key upfront staff person as well as the liaison with the leader of the visiting group. Wenonah Program Specialists will also affiliate themselves with your group, and lead all facets of the program experience during your visit.