For Students

We are excited to welcome you to Wenonah! During the Spring and Fall, students from schools across Ontario join us for fun Camp-style programs. We are looking forward to meeting you, and sharing some of our favourite activities with you during your stay with us!

Camp Wenonah Outdoor Centre studentsWenonah is located on Clear Lake and Saw Lake in Muskoka, Ontario (about two hours north of Toronto). Camp sits on 300 acres of land, and is surroundedby 3,000 acres of Crown Land. The site features woodlands, wetlands, hiking trails, and lots of recreation spaces

Each year, over 1500 students visit us at Wenonah. What are they saying about their trip to Camp? Below are some of the comments students have sent us on the Wenonah Facebook page:

“I had so much fun there! 🙂 best field trip ever!”

“LOVED CAMP AND I HAVE TO COME BACK!!! 🙂 loved meeting you all :)”

“Amazing days at camp, Thank you”

“u guys r awesome we had a great time my fav part waz the counselors and i just wanted to say * THANK YOU *”

“The camp is awesome.. .My school just got back :D”

“I loved it!! Can you take me back.??? I wanna go back!!! It was AWESOME!! I loved it!!!”

“Thanks so much for another awesome weekend guys, everything went perfectly, & your efforts and hard work was really appreciated :)”

Common Questions from Students

What activities will I do at Camp?
There are lots of fun activities that students can participate in at Wenonah!!

You will find most of your day is spent in small groups participating in “Core Programs” (these are instructional activities that are chosen by your teachers). Those Core Programs include:



– Archery
– Arts & Crafts
– Canoeing – Tandem Paddling
– Canoeing – Voyageur Canoe
– Canoeing – Solo Paddling Instruction
– Climbing Wall
– CWLT (Camp Wenonah Little Theatre)
– Digital Photography
– Environmental Engagement
– Fitness Trail
– Geocaching



– Initiatives – Group Development & Tream Building
– Initiatives – Low Ropes Course
– Kayaking – Flatwater
– Mini Golf at Wenonah Pines
– Saw Lake Ecosystems Exploration
– Tennis
– Vertical Playground

Other programs round out the day including several personal choice options (like swimming, team sports, creative activities, and fishing), and full group activities (wide games, campfires, astronomy, and variety nights).

More popular Wenonah programs include overnight canoe trips on Saw Lake and Wenonah Games, our Olympic-themed challenge.

Where will I live?
Inside a typical Camp cabin

Inside a typical Camp cabin

All students live in gender-specific cabins with other other students from their school. Most cabins sleep up to 12 people.

All cabins are electrically equipped. Each cabin has bunkbeds, so you get to choose whether you get the top or bottom bunk!

Washrooms (with flush toilets, running hot water, and private showers) are very close to your cabin.

Make sure you bring with you to Camp a warm sleeping bag (especially for chilly nights in early May, September, and October), a pillow, flashlight, and even some things to remind you of home!

What is the food like?
Food at Wenonah is awesome! On most days, we have three meals a day in our Main Lodge, plus a yummy evening snack. All meals are cooked in our kitchen, and we are sure you will love them!

Each school groups has assigned tables in the Lodge. You will sit with the other students from your school, and your teachers and a Wenonah staff member. Before each meal, a cabin group from your school is chosen to be the “cabin of the meal”. That cabin sets all the tables for your school, and does a sweep of the Lodge floor after the meal is finished.

Before we eat, we choose as a “hopper” for that meal. The hopper brings the meal to the table from the kitchen counter, and clears the table once everybody is finished eating.

What happens if you have a special diet? All we ask is that you and your teacher know this before you come to Camp, so that we can prepare an alternative meal for you.

If you are a vegetarian, or have a special food allergy, then we will look after you! We have a special menu already planned for vegetarians. If you have other dietary needs, our kitchen staff will make some delicious meals for you. In some cases, we may ask that you bring some substitute meals to Wenonah with you. Our food service staff are happy to prepare them for you.

If you have a nut allergy, then you will be okay at Wenonah! We are “nut aware” at Camp, and do not serve any meals that contain nuts or nut products. We also make sure nobody brings any nuts or nut products to our site.

** A special note: Please bring a bag lunch with you on your first day. We don’t serve lunch when you arrive at Camp, and you’ll want to make sure you don’t go hungry before dinnertime!

Who are the staff that work at Camp?
A Wenonah staff member leads a canoeing lesson

A Wenonah staff member leads a canoeing lesson

We have an awesome staff team at The Camp Wenonah Centre for Outdoor Education. We think that some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet are staff members with us!

We hire all of our staff because we know that they love working with students like you. Many of our staff members are volunteers in their community. Other staff have lots of experience as instructors or teachers. Each person who works at Wenonah is there because they want to make sure that you learn a lot and, most importantly, have a great time at Camp.

We know that you will like your each of the staff members that you will meet at Camp. Each of them is eager to meet you, and they can’t wait to make your Wenonah experience memorable!