What Families Are Saying
About Wenonah

In The Words of Campers

From a longtime camper

“Because of Camp Wenonah I have met many amazing people, had the greatest summers ever, and have learned some important things about myself.”

From a male July Camper

DSC_0231“Camp Wenonah means having fun everyday. I really like their choices of activities and food. My favourite activities are rock climbing, art and archery. They taught me how to shoot an arrow and I even hit the bulls-eye two times. I was really happy that I hit the bullseye. Art is really fun, we made our own chia pet that grew grass hair from his head. His name was “Grassy”. I also liked rock climbing a lot, it was really fun. I liked the obstacle course one the best. I liked the morning dip, it really wakes you up. My favourite meal was the hamburgers that the chefs made. It had green peppers, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and red peppers. They were so good. I can’t wait to go back this summer!”

From a veteran camper

“I would rather go to Camp for 1 day than go on a vacation for a year. I would rather re-group with old friends and make new ones than never go to school again (and that’s a lot coming from me lol). I would rather relive Wenonah games 24/7 than, than….. well anything in the world!!! I love you Camp, you have changed my life forever and I will never forget you! Because of Camp I have become a better person and met better people than I could anywhere else!!!”

From a female August Camper

Camp Wenonah Muskoka Ontario Summer Camp“When I think ‘Camp,’ I think of the same words each time; friends, family, home, love. I think of the cabins, the lake, and the campgrounds. Put together, all these things create my summer home, my Camp Wenonah.

Over the years, I have grown to love Camp more and more. Some may ask “why do you love Camp so much?” and for that there is no simple answer. To me, Camp is a home, with a family that loves you unconditionally. It is a home in which you are never left alone or without anything to do. A home where you don’t want to sleep or even blink, because when you do, you miss so much, so you try your hardest to live every moment. I love camp and I am counting down the days until I arrive there, returning home but at the same time feeling like I never left.”

From a longtime camper

“I have truly found a home away from home. Camp means many things, to each person a new perspective, but it shows to me that anything is possible. People can find unlikely friendships in people that they wouldn’t talk to at school or in their community. It can strengthen old friendships and introduce you to new things like sports you haven’t played before. To me, Camp truly means family, and I have to say, thank you Camp Wenonah, for all of the great memories I have, and the memories to come.”

In The Words of Parents

From a new camper parent

“I just wanted to thank you for allowing my son the opportunity to attend Camp. He had a great time and came home with many new friends. He’s already asking if he can go back next year. For a kid who enjoys spending time indoors he seems to have found himself in a new and healthy lifestyle thanks to you.”

From an international camper parent

Camp Wenonah International Campers“I just wanted to thank you, and all your staff, for the great time my daughter had with you. She enjoyed it very, very much.

She came back extremely happy, and she has only kind words for the (in her words) ‘so-nice staff’, especially her Counsellor, for the atmosphere shared at the Camp and lived at the cabin, and for the great activities held in the incredibly beautiful landscape where the Camp is located.

My daughter has improved her English, increased her sense of independence, and has gained self-confidence to tackle difficulties and face new challenges, but the most important is that she feels fortunate because she had this opportunity, and that she has appreciated the value of team work as well as being in deep touch with nature.”

From a veteran camp parent

“I wanted to express to you how much we appreciate the character and quality of Camp Wenonah. Our daughter just came back from another period at Camp and she had a wonderful time, as always. This was her 7th summer at Wenonah. She went the first time at 7 years of age, and did not know anyone at Camp. But she loved it back then, and going back every year has been a high priority for her.

When I picked her up last night I was struck by the peaceful and loving but also energized atmosphere at Camp. There were no “adults” in sight, but large groups of young people amicably and cheerfully intermingling. I saw no electronic gadgets, but many hugs and a few teary-eyed and warm good-byes. You have created a very special atmosphere at Camp, and the increasingly diverse nationalities represented offer another valuable dimension. Many thanks and congratulations on running such a wonderful camp.”

From a first-time camper parent

Camp Wenonah Summer Camp in Muskoka Ontario“I just wanted to write to you to thank you for a memorable Camp experience for our son!! I can’t tell you how happy he is. The experience has truly been a very positive one and he’s blossomed in so many ways; so thank you and all the staff for your dedication and care. He will certainly be in the Camp next year. He’s already looking forward to it and considering a whole month!!!”

From a new camper parent

“Our son was so happy and excited when we picked him up – he talked all the way to Haliburton when we stopped for lunch – he told us everything about Camp – the little skits, the Games, the campfires, the Camp overnight, his cabin experience (a good one). He took part in everything.

He got his Level 2 in canoeing. He said, “I went from level zero to level 2 – and I didn’t even know it!” He loved it all, thank you for having him. He wants to come back next year, in Period 4! He wants to do POLARIS and then WCIT!

Thank you to the counsellors, section directors, nurses, and everyone who helped him out. He loved all of it!!! I think it was the positive energy of the Camp overall, the specific great role-model that his counsellor was (the first day they even went out canoeing around the island), and the structure combined with the great good times that he loved. My dream was to have him participate in it all, not to be an observer and he did.”

From the parent of two long time campers, leadership participants, and staff members

Summer Camps in Ontario Camp Wenonah Muskoka“When our son left home a couple of weeks ago to settle into his first year university experience, we became empty nesters. Over the past couple of weeks, while taking long walks with our dog, I asked myself, where did the years go? I also asked myself over the past couple of weeks; did we attain our goal as parents? When I think about our children, I know they are confident, kind and capable young adults. I would like to pat myself on the shoulder and take 100% credit for the people they have become, but I can’t. So much of their goodness, and so much credit, goes to Camp Wenonah, their home away from home. The place where they became aware of themselves, where their self-esteem blossomed, their hearts thumped wildly, and their growth spurts happened….what did you feed them?

Camp Wenonah became their second family. Their leadership skills, their nurturing souls, their ability to problem solve and their comfort cultivating new friendships grew by leaps and bounds every summer.

We are so proud of our kids, we miss them at home (and so does our dog who wanders through their rooms at night), and we are so grateful that Camp Wenonah was with us every step of the way to teach us and guide us to raise our kids to be nurturing souls. We won the lottery the day a friend told us about Camp Wenonah. Giving our children a strong heart was a goal. Camp Wenonah gave them a strong pulse and a healthy heart and we are so appreciative to you for sharing our children’s growth with us.”

In The Words of Staff Members

From a veteran staff member (and former camper and leadership participant)

Camp Wenonah summer jobs in Muskoka“Camp isn’t something you can put into words or make coherent at once. It’s impossible to see it all and I think that’s just the beauty of it. One of the biggest reasons I couldn’t stop crying near the end of Camp was because I could see all of these beautiful lives – everyone going off in different directions – and Camp is the one place where they all intersect for those beautiful few months or weeks – or days. Just to have been involved is such a blessing.

I hope I can keep sharing the Camp spirit with those around me, and I know that I will for some time. I will forever carry it with me. I can’t thank you enough, and even in this lengthy e-mail I can’t seem to put it all down. I’ll forever be grateful for the amazing place you’ve created and Camp will always remind me that a building is more about the people in it than anything else.”

From a longtime staff member

“This Summer made me realize just how important Camp is to me, and how drastically different I would be had my mother and father not made the decision to send me. Camp has forever changed who I am, and frankly I can’t even fathom who I’d be if I didn’t come to Camp. I know for certain that I wouldn’t have the people skills that I do, and I wouldn’t be as prepared to leave home and meet new people this year as I am. Camp doesn’t allow for you to have bad people skills, because you are so immersed in conversation and interaction all day long. You learn that instead of frowning at people’s differences and quirks, to accept them and cherish them because they are the fabric of who the person truly is. You learn that different doesn’t mean bad, but instead it provides you with more opportunities to learn from your peers. Camp provides confidence.

Never will you find a camper, or staff member, being scolded for trying something new, for trying to do something that maybe they never had tried before. When you are allowed to fail without consequence, and fail with confidence that you’ll be able to try again, and as many times as you like, it soon doesn’t matter whether or not you’re successful, it matters only that you tried. What is most important, Camp has provided me with countless friends and memories. The people I have met at Camp are the best people I know, because every last one of them is a genuine and kind friend.”