Wenonah Roots

An image of participants in the Wenonah Roots leadership program in OntarioOpen to campers 14 and 15 years old, the Wenonah Roots Program provides a small group Camp experience centered around teamwork and co-operation with an emphasis put on group-based decision making and allowing participants to customize their Camp experience.

Participants begin to lay the foundation of leadership skills, while getting to experience the best-of- the-best of being a senior camper at Camp Wenonah.

Age: 14 & 15 Year Olds

Length of Stay: 4-week and 2-week options

Session Options:
Roots July Camp – July 1 – 28, 2018
Roots August Camp – July 29 – August 25, 2018
Roots Period 1 – July 1 – 14, 2018
Roots Period 2 – July 15 – 28, 2018
Roots Period 3 – July 29 – August 11, 2018
Roots Period 4 – August 12 – 25, 2018

The Wenonah Roots Program is led by two experienced Camp staff members, who facilitate programs and guide participants through their time at Camp. As well, staff provide ongoing feedback to participants and help facilitate participant group-based decisions.

Wenonah Roots Program Highlights:

    • Space for 12-14 participants per session.
    • Participants live in tabins in our Leadership Village
    • Available as a 4-week or 2-week experience
    • Participants join all-Camp programs, including: Wide Games, Options, Campfires, Theme Days, Wenonah Games, and more!
    • Participants in the program for a 4-week stay may choose to pursue Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross lifesaving levels, White Water Kayaking, or CYA Sailing.

Schedule includes:

  • Extended focused program instruction, as determined by the group participants (including: Canoeing, Kayaking, White Water Kayaking, Sailing, Climbing, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Living Skills, and more!).
  • A multi-night group overnight Canoe Trip on Saw Lake and Key Hole Lake.
  • An optional solo overnight experience on the recently acquired 25 acres of untouched property on the shore of Saw Lake.
  • A chance to develop and facilitate a number of all-Camp and/or large group programs, including: Campfires, Sing-A- Long Lunches, Theme Meals, Theme Day and WenonahFest programs, and more!
  • A group-based project, as determined by the participants, to benefit the Camp  community.
  • Extended Campfire Cooking Program.
  • Group-based tournaments.
  • Nightly fireside debriefs with the Wenonah Roots Staff
  • And much more!