The Wenonah Difference

To a first time Camp parent, it may seem that so many Camps are so similar – each photo displayed features smiling children, each Camp program features similar activities, and every Camp promises good food, good health, and good fun.

We think there are several pillars that make the Wenonah experience stand out:

Camp Wenonah Ontario Summer Camp

Each year, 80% of Wenonah campers return to Camp. Wenonah is the summer home to campers from over 20 countries around the world.

Wenonah is family-owned. In our setting community living is emphasized and individual accomplishments are celebrated. Camp is home to 200 campers and 70+ staff members. Over 80% of our campers return to Wenonah year after year, allowing each child to build upon the personal growth that they achieved in previous summers. The size of the Wenonah community means that each child can learn new things and experience personal development in a safe and supportive environment.


Camp is divided into Boys Camp and Girls Camp, and most of our programs are offered as single gender experiences. Our philosophy is that boys and girls learn differently, and also have distinct social needs. We strongly believe the Camp setting is ideal for boys and girls to enjoy Camp activities free of social pressures, while also allowing them to benefit from positive interactions fostered through some co-ed programming.

To support our modified co-ed program philosophy, the Camp facility is set up with separate boys and girls cabin lines.


Our full-time Management Team provides year-round leadership to our Summer Camp program. The Management Team includes:

Jeff Bradshaw (Executive Director) began his career as a staff member at Summer Camp in 1978 and hasn’t looked back since! Jeff served as President of the Canadian Camping Association from 2007 – 2011. Jeff has also represented Canada on the Board of Directors of the International Camping Fellowship since 1997. He is often consulted, and frequently offers his leadership, to national and international camping initiatives. Jeff has led camp workshops and presentations in Russia, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cyprus, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and across the United States and Canada. Jeff received the highest award in Canadian camping, the Ron Johnstone Lifetime Achievement Award, and was also presented  with the prestigious Dorothy Walter Award of Excellence by the Ontario Camps Association.

Geoff “Rudy” Williamson (Summer Camp Director) grew up at Camp. Prior to being named Summer Camp Director, he held several leadership roles at Camp including Assistant Director, Boys Section Director, POLARIS Director, Assistant Introductory Period Director, Counsellor, and Junior Program Staff. He has also worked extensively with The Camp Wenonah Centre for Outdoor Education. “Rudy” completed the International Camp Directors Course and attended the International Camping Congress in Antalya, Turkey in October 2014.

Camp Wenonah - New Summer Campers

Information sessions are available for new families throughout the GTA during the spring and winter. Parents of new campers will be phoned by our camp staff after the first 48 hours of camp to let them know how their camper is doing.

Wenonah offers a comprehensive orientation program for first time campers and their families. Summer Camp Director Geoff “Rudy” Williamson is available for a personal, in-home presentation on the Wenonah experience. His presentation is a great way to learn about the Wenonah program and philosophy, see photos of Camp’s facilities, and ask questions. Please contact our office to arrange a presentation with Rudy.

Throughout the winter and spring, our “Welcome To Wenonah” information sessions are held throughout the GTA for all new campers and their families.

In June, new campers and their families are invited to visit the Wenonah site in Muskoka for an Open House. Tours are available of the site, and we will open our most popular program areas for recreational use. Some space is available for those families wishing to stay overnight.

During Summer Camp, all families of first time campers receive a phone call 48 hours after the start of the Camp period from our Section Directors updating them on their child’s progress at Camp. We continue to monitor the progress of all first time campers throughout their stay at Camp, and can share additional updates with families as requested.


Brad Laidlaw is Wenonah’s long-time Executive Chef. He and his food service team are committed to providing wholesome, tasty, nutritious, family-style meals for campers. Brad worked as Executive Chef at Georgian Peaks Ski Club in Collingwood. Brad was awarded Ski Canada’s award for the country’s best fine dining.


Two full-time Registered Nurses, parents themselves, oversee the health and wellness of every camper. The nurses live on-site in our modern, recently renovated Health Centre, and are available 24 hours a day to our campers.

Associate Director (and Registered Nurse) Nancy Vandenbergh and Camp Doctor Phyllis McCord provide leadership to our Health Care team.


Wenonah is a destination for many international campers and staff. Each year, our community is enriched by the dozens of international campers and staff who travel to Camp by plane, train, and automobile! Over 20 countries are represented at Camp each year.

Camp Wenonah - Summer Jobs Staff Team

Wenonah Summer Camp staff are outdoor education professionals, teachers, university and college graduates/students or senior high school students.

Each year, Wenonah boasts a returning staff rate of over 90%. This means that each staff member has experience with, and is supportive of, our philosophy and expectations. Camp staff are committed to providing the best Camp experience for every child.

Many staff are graduates of the Wenonah leadership training programs and were themselves campers at Wenonah. All staff members have current certification in lifeguarding and first aid, and also bring certification and experience in any number of Camp program areas. In addition to ongoing training throughout the year, each Wenonah staff member participates in a nine day staff training program prior to the start of Summer Camp.

We are also proud to have an active group that continues to contribute to life at Camp through the Friends Of Wenonah alumni group.


Many children come to Camp Wenonah with severe or life-threatening allergies. To ensure that Camp is a safe environment for all Wenonah campers, our site is designated as “nut aware”. We create our menus with this in mind. All food served through the kitchen and on outtrips is carefully screened to be safe from nuts and peanuts; at no time are peanut and nut products provided by Wenonah. We strongly urge families not to send any food products with their camper, and we do not permit any nuts or nut products to be brought into Camp. In such case that a product does contain nuts or traces of nuts, it will be removed immediately from the Camp property.


Wenonah’s main Camp area is comprised of 100 acres of spectacular wilderness, including 24 acres of pristine untouched wilderness across our back lake, set in the heart of the rugged Muskoka woods. The Camp property features 4000 feet of shoreline on two lakes adjacent to Wenonah (Clear Lake and Saw Lake). Beyond the Camp lies thousands of acres of Crown Land, providing campers and visitors with tremendous opportunities for hiking and canoe tripping experiences.


We are thrilled to partner with the following groups, whose campers are integrated fully into the Wenonah program:

Camp Jumoke – Canada’s only Camp program dedicated to the needs of children afflicted with sickle cell anemia.

Camp Kivita – serving children with recent organ transplants or end stage organ disease.

Camp Erin – in partnership with the Moyer Foundation, supporting children who are grieving the death of someone close to them.

Lord & Lady Somers Camp and Power House based in Australia, the Somers program is a highly regarded leadership program for teens.


Camp Wenonah is located in the beautiful Muskoka region of Ontario, east of the town of Bracebridge. Those families who wish to drive their children to Camp will find that Wenonah is a short distance away from many Ontario cities, including Toronto (2 hours), Barrie (90 minutes), London (4.5 hours), and Ottawa (4.5 hours).

Coach bus transportation is also available to Wenonah campers from Julliard Public School north of Toronto.