Periods for first time campers

We are pleased to offer distinct programs for children attending Camp for the first time. These short-stay Periods serve to introduce campers to many favourite camp activities and general camp life in a safe and supportive community.

The Introductory Periods at Wenonah receive leadership from current and alumni staff members. This ensures a group of older and accomplished Camp leaders provide consistent care and attention to each camper.


Age: 5 – 7 Year Olds
Length of Stay: 3 Days / 2 Nights

Campers live in a cabin with others of the same age as them, under the supervision of experienced Wenonah counsellors

Campers live in a cabin with others of the same age as them, under the supervision of experienced Wenonah counsellors

Designed for young boys and girls, WEEnonah is as an intimate and and fun program for young first-time campers. Children live in a cabin with others the same age as them and participate in traditional Camp activities under the guidance of experienced Camp Wenonah counselling staff members. Campers also live in the same cabin as their counsellor, meaning they develop meaningful relationships with an adult mentor at Camp. We maintain a 3:1 staff-to-camper ratio during the WEEnonah program.

The nature of WEEnonah allows counsellors to monitor the development of each individual camper, and provide the support necessary to help them succeed in the Camp environment. We recognize that each child adjusts to his or her first Camp experience in different ways. Our objective is to ensure that campers have a positive Camp experience, preparing them for a lifelong love of nature, outdoor activity, and community.

The WEEnonah program is designed around a unique theme, and features all of the traditional Camp activities that make the Wenonah experience stand out. Campers take part in cabin-based activities, which serve as an introduction to many Camp program areas (canoeing, arts & crafts, archery, tennis, outdoor adventure). The schedule is rounded out by other favourite programs.

Periods 1A/1B, 3A/3B, & Period 5

Age: 8 – 12 Year Olds (1A/1B & 3A/3B); 7 – 12 Year Olds (Period 5)
Lengths of Stay: 7 Days / 6 Nights (Periods 1A/1B & 3A/3B); 5 Days / 4 Nights (Period 5)

Campers participate in cabin-based activities trying the "best of" activities offered at Camp.

Campers participate in cabin-based activities trying the “best of” activities offered at Camp.

Periods 1A/1B, 3A/3B, and Period 5 serve as perfect introductions to overnight camp. These Periods are also ideal for those campers looking for a short-stay residential camp experience. Living in a cabin with other boys or girls of a similar age, campers are introduced to a traditional overnight camp experience in a supportive and encouraging community. A 4:1 staff-to-camper ratio ensures each camper receives individual care and attention throughout their week at Camp.

Cabin-based programming is the approach that these Periods are based upon. Campers are introduced to Wenonah’s most popular program areas, and are taught program skills by their counsellors and program instructors. Campers can expect to learn skills in canoeing, kayaking, tennis, climbing & initiatives, archery, arts & crafts, and outdoor living. Wenonah’s popular camp-wide programs, section-based activities, and exciting evening options are featured each day.

At Camp, our objective is for each child to develop a sense of independence and appreciation for nature while enjoying a variety of outdoor activities. Many long-time Wenonah campers enjoyed their first overnight experience during our Introductory Periods.

Period 4B – Wenonah Games Week

Age: 10 – 15 year olds
Length of Stay: 7 days / 6 nights

Wenonah Games Week

Campers enjoy three days of Wenonah Games Olympic-style programming, and join one of our three house teams (Aki, Dawaa, Zibbins).

Introduced due to popular demand, Period 4B includes the final Wenonah Games program of the season at the end of August Camp!

Campers will enjoy three days of regular Camp programming upon arrival on Sunday morning before joining Wenonah Games (which begins with Opening Ceremonies on Tuesday night). 4B Campers will join one of our Wenonah Games Houses (Aki, Dawaa or Zibbins), and participate in a wide range of events (over 150 events are scheduled during Wenonah Games). The 4B week also includes our memorable final night of the month program (including Closing Campfire, Canoe Ballet, Flaming “W” and Candlelight program).