International Campers

International CampersCampers and staff travel to Wenonah from communities across Canada and recently from such countries as Mexico, Taiwan, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Martinique, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, England, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey and the United States.

Special attention is given to all international campers. Campers are welcome to arrive a day early, and a complimentary transportation service is provided from Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Upon arrival, campers are provided with a full orientation to the Wenonah experience.

While at Camp, international campers are able to access phones to keep in touch with family and friends at home. During the middle of each month, international campers are invited to join other Wenonah campers and staff for a day in the local community (Bracebridge, Ontario) for shopping, a meal and a movie.