Wenonah Games

Over the last three days of Periods Two and Four, campers and staff are consumed by the remarkable spirit of Wenonah Games.

Wenonah-Games-Muskoka-Summer-CampsWenonah Games is an Olympic-style, three-day event during which campers choose from a wide variety of activities (at all levels of competition) to earn points for their team. Teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship are valued components of this favourite program.

Campers are placed on one of three houses (Aki, Dawaa, or Zibbins) in advance of their first Summer at Camp, and they remain a member of that house for life. Family members are automatically placed in same house.

Wenonah Games features over 200 activities during the course of competition. Some activities are skill-based, others team-based, and others are fun activities rooted in the spirit of Camp.

At the end of the Summer, the Wenonah Games Challenge Cup is presented to the team with the highest combined point total from July Camp, August Camp, and our staff training week.

Below, we are proud to share a look back at the history of Wenonah Games. We hope you enjoy it!


The Challenge Cup is awarded to the house team with the highest cumulative point total in the calendar year.
2016 Zibbins Dawaa Dawaa
2015 Aki/Zibbins (Tie) Aki Aki
2014 Dawaa Aki Dawaa
2013 Zibbins Dawaa Dawaa
2012 Aki Dawaa Dawaa
2011 Dawaa Dawaa Dawaa
2010 Dawaa Dawaa Dawaa
2009 Zibbins Dawaa/Zibbins (Tie) Zibbins
2008 Dawaa Aki Dawaa
2007 Zibbins Aki Zibbins
2006 Aki Zibbins Aki
2005 Dawaa Zibbins Zibbins
2004 Aki Aki Aki
2003 Zibbins Dawaa Dawaa
2002 Zibbins Dawaa Dawaa
2001 Aki/Zibbins (Tie) Dawaa Dawaa
2000 Dawaa Aki Aki
1999 Aki Zibbins Zibbins



The final event of Wenonah Games each month is also the most thrilling. The Mickle Island Canoe Race is a 2km paddle for boats of three consisting of one staff member and two campers representing their team. The event has often determined the winner of that month’s Wenonah Games. The names of the paddlers from the winning boats are engraved on a trophy which resides in the Lodge.
August 2016
Paige Maddick
Ethan Placek
Erica Zucker
July 2016 Sadie Foster
Rene Urwin
John Ramsay
August 2015
Shannon Prouty
Ethan Placek
Andrew Young
July 2015 Nathan Flegel
Josh Neizer
Andrew Ladouceur
August 2014
Riley Donovan
Aidan Iaboni
John Ramsay
July 2014 Carl Backman
Mitchell Schaaf
Ben Waite
August 2013
Andres Maglione
Christine O’Meara
Brendan Meagher
July 2013 Matt Kealey
Blake Mueller
Daniel Scarr
August 2012 (tie) Ryan Grassi
Darcy Malone
Steve LeMesurier
August 2012 (tie) Chris Knox
Shayla Perko
Andrew Cohrs
July 2012 Jack Devins
Kathleen Selkirk
John Ramsay
August 2011 Maddy Coville
Tom McHugh
Brendan Meagher
Jult 2011 Spencer Jones
Tyler Raymond
Kevin Smith
August 2010 Ryan Malone
Heather Moher
Steve LeMesurier
July 2010 Shane Bassett
Colin Hyde
Jake Read
August 2009 Will Tillmann
Ben Waite
Marleigh Austin
July 2009 Amanda Schutz
Sara Wollschlaeger
Steve LeMesurier


The Decathlon consists of ten events held over three days of Wenonah Games. Senior campers, POLARIS, and WCITs aim to collect points on behalf of their team. The individual male and female competitors with the most points each month have their names engraved on a trophy that is kept in the Lodge.
August 2016 Daniel Turner Riley Donovan
July 2016 Ethan McSpurren Katya Tarasoff
August 2015 Lorenzo De Corolis Riley Donovan
July 2015 Blake Mueller Sammie Roper
August 2014 Nic Woldek Courtney Martin
July 2014 Arthur Gossett Katya Tarasoff
August 2013 Jamie Poole Emilia Cotter
July 2013 Andrew Ladouceur Sammie Roper
August 2012 Ryan Malone Haley Oosterman
July 2012 Andrew Ladouceur Hannah Rauseo
August 2011 Mike Tillmann & Ben Waite Maddie Warner
July 2011 Jake Stirling Hannah Rauseo
August 2010 Mike Tillmann & Leon Hees Lauren Sudeyko
July 2010 Jake Stirling Hannah Rauseo
August 2009 Graham Clark Erin Budd
July 2009 Vic Pelton Kelly Mueller