Wenonah Worldwide

Wenonah has always enjoyed an incredibly strong international community comprised of campers and staff from dozens of countries that has become central to our experience.

Beginning in 2016, we invited campers, staff and alumni to share the spirit of Camp around the world by taking pictures in different countries with the new Wenonah Flag!

Wenonah flags are available to be sent to international families and staff members that request them (you can request a flag by emailing Jeff at jeff@campwenonah.com).

We encourage campers and staff to share the story of their travels with us online by using the hashtag #WenonahWorldwide. Please also email your photos to Jeff.

We are also posting some of the best photos in the album below. We hope the Wenonah flag visits 100 countries by the year 2020!


This album is updated regularly with photos of campers, families, staff, and alumni holding the Wenonah flag around the world.