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The Lodge at Camp Wenonah

The dining room table is often the heart of the family home – it is where we gather to catch up, chat, share experiences, and enjoy great meals together.

And so it is at Camp Wenonah … in our dining hall our whole camp gathers together three times a day to share in the excitement and fun of camp, to enjoy Chef Brad’s delicious food, and to celebrate news and events.

In 2006 we chose to raise funds to build a new Health Centre that now ensures the health and safety of all our visitors. The generosity of Camp families, staff, alumni and other friends helped make this $350,000 project happen.

In 2016, after 20 wonderful years, we chose to raise funds to enlarge our Dining Hall to meet the ever growing needs of the ever growing community we call Wenonah.

We need your help to make this dream a reality! Money raised through all of our Wenonah 20/20 fundraising initiatives (Wenonah Links, Wenonah Moves and the Silent Auction at Wenonah Celebrates) as well as all individual and family donations are being directed towards the Lodge expansion and kitchen renovation scheduled for late Fall 2017.

The Lodge Expansion project

We are working with Muskoka designer Sandy Sellens and builders Ken and Roy DeHaan as our key partners. The Lodge expansion will begin following the completion of the 2017 camping season and be ready in time for use for the 2018 season.

The expansion includes an enlarged area of dining space in the Lodge (adding onto the existing space and built towards the canoe area). The back of the kitchen sees a brand new space that will be used to prep food for all canoe trip programs and overnights.

Main Lodge expansion north end

Main Lodge expansion looking south, from the Girls’ Section steps
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Main Lodge expansion floor plan

The floor plan for the Main Lodge expansion
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All donations are being recognized with an acknowledgement in the Wenonah Warbler and also online. As well, all those that are able to give at our established donor levels will be recognized with their name on the permanent donor wall in the Lodge and will be invited to a special ribbon cutting and afternoon at Camp in June 2018.

Donor Levels

Donors will be acknowledged on the donor board in the newly expanded Lodge using these levels.

Donor Level
Obijwa Name
English Meaning
$100 + Niibin It is Summer
$250 + Anang Stars
$500 + Baapi Laughter
$1000 + Abwi Paddle
$2500 + Naawig On the lake
$5000 + Maamawi Together
Camp Wenonah Health Centre Donor Board

The Camp Wenonah Health Centre Donor Board

Wenonah is not a registered charity so we are unable to provide donation receipts but on behalf of our next generation of campers, we thank you for your thoughtful gift!!  Your generosity will allow Wenonah to continue to grow, evolve, and meet the needs of all those that visit the shores of Clear Lake in the years to come.