Chairs & Committee Members

Camp Wenonah Flaming W SunriseWe were so fortunate to have such a generous and passionate group of Chairs and Committee Members lead the twenty events, programs, and initiatives during our anniversary season.

Our thanks to all of those listed below for their work towards our Wenonah 20/20 anniversary celebrations.


Liz McClounie
Jason Monteith
Jeff Bradshaw


Todd Aiken
Josh Bradshaw
Maia Bradshaw
Caron Brick
Doug Bowlby
Janette Downie
Nat Fox
Dr. Mary Grant
Barb Janicek
Jane McCutcheon
Matty McEvoy
Fraser “Tito” McOuat
Catherine Ross
Dan Sadler
Lizzie Sarjeant
Leanne Sedentopf
Pam Sidey
Mike Stewart
Joseph Taylor
Nancy Vandenbergh
Geoff “Rudy” Williamson

Committee Members

Charlotte Aicklen
Jocelyn Butler
Dan Chapman-Smith
Jackie Clark
Ken DeHaan
Roy DeHaan
Jan Elder
Don Grant
Jane Grant
Cam Green
Stu Halkett
Dan Harrison
Miriam Heavenrich
Andy Mager
Martha Malloy
Jared Perlmutter
Emma Pickard
Celia Saunders
Sandy Sellens
Brittany Shelly
Alex Sidey
Kevin Smith
Julia Stephenson
Lorraine Sugar
Steph Sutcliffe
Tim Watson

Administrative Support

Madison Bradshaw
Caron Brick
Liz McClounie
Pat Schaefer
Leanne Sedentopf