Preparing for Camp

Over 1000 campers spend parts of their summer at Wenonah each year. That means that we get lots of questions from parents about how to best prepare their eager campers for the Wenonah experience.

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we get from campers and families:

What should I pack for my child?

There are lots of important items to make sure you send with your child to Camp, and also some things we ask that you not send.

Link to Packing List

When is Visitor’s Day?

Visitor’s Day is held twice during the Summer, for one month campers only:

Saturday, July 15 – July one month campers, July POLARIS, July WCITs

Saturday, August 12 – August one month campers, August POLARIS, August WCITs

What if my child is bring medications to Camp?

If your child is taking the Camp bus from Julliard Public School, we ask that you give all of your child’s medications (and written instructions) to a Camp staff member before your camper boards the bus. Look for the designated table at the bus stop where you can drop off your child’s medication.

The staff member will ensure the medications get delivered to the nurses safely upon arrival at Camp. Please ensure that all medications are in their original containers and timing/dosages are clearly marked.

We provide all ‘as needed’ medications (i.e. Benadryl, Tylenol, Ibruprofen and Gravol) so you don’t need to send them!

When your child returns home, please remember to pick up your child’s medications from the Camp staff member who was on the bus when you pick them up at Julliard P.S.

If you are dropping your child off at Camp by car, please visit the Health Centre to drop your child’s medications off (and meet the nurses and Health Centre staff!). Your child’s medications will be packed in their luggage on the last morning of Camp.

What are some other health notes I should consider?

What if my child has had a fever prior to Camp?

To help keep our Camp community healthy, please contact our Muskoka Office if your child has had a fever at any time during the week preceding the start of their Camp Period.

We thank families for helping us keep influenza like illnesses from being brought into Camp.

Head to Toe Checks

Midway through your child’s stay at Camp, the counseling staff carry out a Head to Toe check – a quick look to make your child is healthy and clean! Any bumps, bruises, scratches or rashes are highlighted to the nurses.

If there are any concerns, the Camp nurses will contact you.