Our 2016 Staff Team

Camp Wenonah Staff Team 2016Our staff team does a terrific job of making every moment special for all those who join us at Camp.

A huge number of our staff group return to Wenonah each year, and 2016 is no exception. This Summer, over 95% of the staff team will have been at Camp before and/or had graduated from our WCIT leadership program.

Each staff member has a deep commitment to the Wenonah experience, and works so hard to provide each camper, student, and visitor a positive and wholesome experience.

We are pleased to confirm the staff listed below as members of our 2016 Summer Camp staff team:


Executive Director
Jeff Bradshaw

Summer Camp Director
Geoff “Rudy” Williamson

Outdoor Centre Director
Fraser “Tito” McOuat

Program Consultant
Renata Bradshaw

Associate Directors
Caron Brick (Administration)
Barb Janicek (Communication & Archives)
Jason Montieth (Period Five Director)
Liz McClounie (Alumni Development)
Mike Stewart (Technology & Special Projects)
Nancy Vandenbergh (Health & Wellness)
Simon Wells (Capital Development & Maintenance)

WEEnonah Directors
Maia Bradshaw

Summer Assistant Directors
Jared Perlmutter
Brittany Shelly
Stephanie Sutcliffe


Girls Section Directors
Sage Cryderman
Maddy Poole

Boys Section Director
Ben Waite
Cam Williamson

Girls Counsellors
Madison Bradshaw
Maya Dodd
Rachel Italiano
Bella Larsen
Amanda Mills (August Camp)
Maggie Nenniger (August Camp)
Lauren Schwartz
Laura Shaughnessy
Sarah Tilley
Hannah Wulfsohn

Boys Counsellors
Alex Bogdan
Ryan Callahan
Jack Carlton
Ryan Cogill
Brendan FitzGerald
Sean Galway
Spencer Jones (August Camp)
Aidan Marina
Anthony Samuels (July Camp)
Michael Tillmann
Andrew Young


Mieke Barette (Period 1A)
Thomas “Red” Schenck (Period 1B)
Jason Monteith (Period 3A)
Dan Harrison (Camp Kivita)


Spencer Jones (July Camp)
Mark McCutcheon
Maggie Nenniger (July Camp)
Jamie Poole
Carolyn Williamson

WCIT Directors
John Ramsay
Ally Soule


Program Director
Erica Zucker

Program Area Heads
Carey LeMesurier (Waterfront)
Zac Matthews (Lands)
Emma Murray (Media)
Jackie Muru (Sailing)
Charles Schubert (Kayaking)
Maddie Sutcliffe (Creative)
Ian Wiseman (Canoeing)


Camp Doctor
Dr. Phyllis McCord

Joanna Walenius (Period One)
Carol Blair-Mudoch (Period One)
Gwen Neizer (Period Two)
Nancy Vandenbergh (Period Two)
Louise Pope Rhoden (Period Three)
Franziska Hines (Period Three)
Andrea Dewling (Period Four)
Genevieve Quial Dela Cruz (Period Four)
Carey Forget (Period Five)
Doreen Sauve (Period Five)
Erica Childs (Period Five)

Health Care Assistants
Emma Lawrence (August Camp)
Cacha Varga (July Camp)


Office Director
Rebecca Malcomson

Office Staff
Lauren Zucker

Property Director
Gavin McGuire

Property Staff
Justin Kim
Michael Murray
Callum Russell

Tripping Director
Jacqueline Simone

Assistant Tripping Director
Helena Kita

Tripping Staff
Colin Long


Executive Chef
Brad Laidlaw

Sous Chef
Geraldine Edwards

Renay Edwards


Mauricio Correa (July Camp)
Alex Cotter (August Camp)
Paige Cummings
Sam Fornasiero
Cameron Lawrence
Emma Lawrence (July Camp)
Kora McKeon
Blake Mueller (July Camp)
Tristen Muirhead
Christine O’Meara
Parker O’Neill
Adam Pain
Laura Raposo (August Camp)
Sammie Roper
Ryan Segaert (August Camp)
Kathleen Selkirk
Jacqueline Stirling
Caitlin Taylor
Jacob Thompson
Emma Torgunrud
Mark van Hees
Cacha Varga (August Camp)