New for 2016

We’re excited for the 2016 camping season to begin! As always, we are working hard at our Burlington Office to provide the very best experience possible for your camper(s) attending Wenonah. Please note the following:
  • NEW bus stop at Julliard Public School (located at 61 Julliard Drive in Maple). Julliard Public School REPLACES our longtime bus stop at Vaughan Mills Mall for the 2016 season and is due north across Rutherford Road/Vaughan Mills (less than a kilometre away from our old stop). As Vaughan Mills continues to expand and bus parking options diminish, we have looked for a new stop … and we’re thrilled to find one so close!
  • Watch for the Summer Camp Final Instructions package the week of March 28th. Families will be asked to provide medical information, dietary restrictions, and request incidentals such as transportation and request cabinmates. The deadline for the completion of the Final Instructions is April 29, 2016. Please note that cabins are assigned, food service menus created, and all transportation requests confirmed the first week in May.
  • We ask that you upload a picture of your camper(s) as part of the Final Instructions process. Pictures are used for identification purposes for by our medical team and supervisory staff.
  • COMING SOON! Online General Store – During the month of April, Camp families will have the option of pre-ordering clothing from the Wenonah General Store. Orders will be ready for campers on their first day of Camp. Stay tuned for more details to come soon!