Meet Our Staff!

Our staff team does a terrific job of making every moment special for all those who join us at Camp.

A huge number of our staff group return to Wenonah each year, and 2017 is no exception. This Summer, over 90% of the staff team will have been at Camp before and/or have graduated from our WCIT leadership program.

Each staff member has a deep commitment to the Wenonah experience, and works so hard to provide each camper, POLARIS, and WCIT a positive and wholesome experience.

Staff List

Our staff team is over 100 people strong!

Check out the staff list to see who is working at Camp this Summer.

Staff Biographies

Who is the Resource Staff member who volunteered in Honduras last March? Which Counsellor is a Dragon Boat racer? Who is studying at the University of Cambridge? How many Camp Nurses work at Sick Kids Hospital? Who volunteered at a game reserve in South Africa?

Get answers to these questions, and learn more about this Summer’s staff team by reading their biographies!