Introducing the Wenonah Gives Capital Campaign

Camp Wenonah Lodge smallA goal during our Wenonah 20/20 Anniversary season is to raise funds to complete a major expansion of the Main Lodge & Dining Hall, which includes a large addition PLUS a new tripping building attached to the back of the Lodge PLUS a major renovation of the kitchen itself.

Jason Monteith is an original member of our Friends Of Wenonah alumni group, and is a husband, a father to two Wenonah campers, and an active Camp staff member. He wrote about our Wenonah 20/20 Capital Campaign and the Wenonah Gives program:

What can I say about the Lodge at Camp Wenonah?

What do I see through its familiar doors?

As a father, the Lodge is a safe place, a family place where, according to my son and daughter, it’s okay to be away from mom and dad for just a little while each summer, the starting point of breathless stories they are saving up for their own kids someday.

As a husband, it is at the centre of stories my wife can barely finish telling for laughing when she returns revitalized after another Women’s Weekend.

As a teacher, the Lodge is a classroom, engaging ready students with essential lessons about leadership and true friendship, about how to find your voice and how to lend it fearlessly to songs and cheers and the encouragement of others, where you can be louder than anywhere else you’ve been in the world.

As a Wenonah staff member and life long camp guy ready to spend his 33rd season at camp, the Lodge is the place where I have learned how to contribute to something that will long outlast me, where my name is on the wall as part of a legacy I helped build alongside the closest friends I will ever know.

What is the Lodge to someone that you love?

For all too brief stretches of time each year, for your favourite people in the world, it is their favourite place in the world.

In 2016, as Camp Wenonah celebrates 20 years, we have chosen to fulfill a dream and enlarge the Lodge. We need your help to make this dream a reality!

We are writing to ask you to consider making a donation through Wenonah Gives.

Every donation matters. All donors are being celebrated and recognized both online and in the Warbler newsletter this winter. Additionally, those that give at the dedicated donor levels (beginning at $100) will be recognized as part of a permanent donor recognition board to be installed at Camp.

On behalf of the entire Wenonah community, thank you for considering a donation to Wenonah Gives.

Please visit our website to learn more about Wenonah Gives or to make a donation.