Final Forms & Details

About Final Forms & Details

All Summer Camp families are mailed Final Forms & Details in late March each year. Final Forms can be completed online or you may request hard copies to complete by hand.

All information you submit about your child online is secure and confidential. Profile information can only be reviewed by the family account holder and Camp Wenonah administrators.

Please note that the Final Forms must be completed and submitted by April 30 and payments for transportation, laundry, etc. 

(Don’t forget – the due date for final Summer Camp fees remains April 2).


Parents – please download and print our Parent Checklist to help you keep track of important deadlines in advance of Summer Camp.

Parents – please download and read the Parent Handbook.

The Handbook is updated each year. Lots is happening in 2018!

Please make sure you read the Handbook.

Prefer to complete paper forms?

If you would rather complete hard copies of the Final Forms & Details and submit them to our Burlington Office, please request them from us at our Burlington Office.

Please submit your forms to our Burlington Office by April 30.

Notes About Completing Final Forms

  • You must use the same email/username to login for Final Forms & Details as you used to register for the 2018 season.
  • You do not need to complete the Forms all at once. You may return to complete them at any time. 
  • You must complete and submit information for it to be received by our office.

The options you can book for your camper include:

  • Outtrips – for July Camp or August Camp one-month campers only
  • Bussing – you may choose coach bus transportation to and/or from Camp for your child
  • Laundry Service – if you wish for your camper to have laundry, you may choose the date(s) for this service
  • Paddlemaking – for those who wish to take Paddlemaking as a PIC and who did NOT order a paddle in previous years
  • White Water Kayaking – for those one-month campers aged 13-15 years who choose this option as a PIC
  • Camper Day in Town – for campers not being visited on Visitor’s Day, you may deposit money for your child to spend during one month camper Day in Town
  • Wenonah General Store – you may deposit money for your child to spend on snacks, refreshments, clothes, souvenirs, or sundry items
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