A Major Announcement


Camp Wenonah Clear Lake Muskoka

We’re delighted to announce that Wenonah has recently purchased from Graydon and Irene Boyes the full 100 acre property at Concession 9, lot 11 which includes Camp Oak-A-Lea (our neighbours on Clear Lake). The new Wenonah property includes 2070 feet of frontage on Clear Lake and 1640 feet of frontage on both sides of Saw Lake. AND we’re thrilled that this includes a further 24 acres across Saw Lake.

For the past twenty years, the property has seen divided use between the Camp Oak-A-Lea campground and Camp Wenonah/The Camp Wenonah Centre for Outdoor Education.

2016 is the final season for the Camp Oak-A-Lea campground which has been in existence since 1972. The Boyes family will continue to oversee the campground operation through October 2016.
Beginning November 1st, Wenonah will be repurposing the Camp Oak-A-Lea property for use as part of Wenonah in 2017. Honorary Director (and newly named Wenonah Management Consultant) Jane McCutcheon leads our visioning process.

Most people have viewed Oak-A-Lea from the canoe docks or our beach. Some have walked “around the lake” and glimpsed a bit of the property along the way. But it only scratches the surface. We’ve already discovered a huge and diverse space filled with endless possibilities. We can now move away from the higher concentration of program areas on the current Wenonah property and re-locate some accommodation and activities to the newly acquired space, without building large amounts of additional facilities.

Initial plans for 2017 include:

  • A new home for Leadership Village! We’ll be rebuilding all tabins for POLARIS and WCITs on the new property. And we’re excited that the campground property comes with existing washroom and shower buildings.
  • We are planning to build two more cabins in our Girls Camp which will accommodate 10 girls each. We have selected a spot behind Alder and Hawthorn. This is the only increase in camper numbers we are considering (giving us an even number of cabins on the Girls and Boys cabin lines).
  • Kayaking will move to the existing beach space on the new property (right next door).
  • The canoeing program will be relocated to Saw Lake.
  • A second Main Campfire area will be built on Saw Lake for Opening and Closing Campfires and such All Camp activities as Wenonah Games Opening Ceremonies and fireworks.

We’ll be updating Wenonah community members on a regular basis as we move forward.

Our heartfelt thanks to Graydon & Irene Boyes and the Boyes family for entrusting us with a camping legacy that dates back to the early 1960s.